Use this self-service portal whenever you need to reset a forgotten password.

First time user? Then start here by registering your personal profile. You'll need a complete profile before you can choose the other options. Use this link to correct or update your profile, too.

Forgot your password? Want to synchronize passwords on different systems so you have fewer to remember? Then this is the link for you. If you have locked yourself out of SAP or can't remember your SAP password. Resetting your password here will also reset your SAP password and unlock your SAP account. Make sure you've registered your profile at least one time first.

This link will allow you to view and update your Emergency Contact Information in SAP. To update your Emergency Contact Information, Navigate to Employee Self-Service, click on Personal Information, click on Personal Profile, and then click on the Pencil icon to the right of Emergency address.

This link will allow you to request access to certain applications. Use this link to request access to: SAP Work Completion Certifier, FASTER, and SchoolFunds Online.

This link will take you through the process of creating an account for a Consultant or School SRO. This is NOT to be used to create accounts for Kelly Services Substitutes. If you are the work location supervisor then the request will be automatically approved and the account will be created. Otherwise, this request will be submitted to your work location supervisor for approval.

This link will allow you to view and approve/reject requests from your employees.

Detailed documentation on: